Proposal for School Groups 


Duration: modular

After walking along the path leading to the cave entrance, on foot or by train, the children will discover a gigantic underground world and will be amazed by what the water has created.

During this immersion, students discover the karstic network and its amazing concretions with evocative names: the mammoth, the witch, the octopus ... This underground walk is also the occasion to become familiar with events that have marked our history: Bronze Age or Catharism; And the story of love that unites Hercules and Princess Pyrene (Lombrives shelter the tomb of Pyrene), the legend of the brigands of Lombrives or the history of the giants who populated this cave.

We propose to create, in collaboration with the teacher, visits à la carte that will be fun, educational and adapted to the students. The teacher may make a prior free visit if he so wishes.

Note: the cave is a natural environment, its course is sometimes rugged. Sensible shoes and warm clothing are highly recommended. The tour is relatively simple and accessible; It still has a narrow and low passage, a small suspended footbridge and a long staircase. But we can plan another circuit without these obstacles if needed

Rate per child visit until the cathedrale: 5 € + 1.5 € (optional for the "petit train). 1 Free for  adult per 10 children and free for the driver

Visit until the lake : 7€ +1.5€ (optional fort he petit train)